How to Buy Domain Name Cheap or Free

Consider cheap web hosting, not cheap domain name enrollment :

Many people confuse buying a cool domain name for cheap with finding cheap internet hosting. The domain name registration itself is often just a few dollars. You spend a lot more on the monthly website name hosting, so spend your effort finding cheap website hosting instead of cheap domain name buying.

Choose an extension besides .com :

Although .com is the most well known URL extension, you can buy cheap domain name with an ending other than .com. Check out prices of different extensions such as .info which is often a cheap domain name extension. Note: Many extensions are more expensive than .com, so be sure to check out the price before assuming you are saving.

Sample extensions you may want to look at include. net,. org &. biz.

Go with regard to .com instead of an international extension :

Often times .com is cheaper than a country extension. For example, a domain name ending in .uk or .eu can be more expensive than a .com. So you may want to buy a .com even if you are international.

Use a subdomain free of charge :

Many websites offer subdomains that you can use for free as your very own domain without buying a domain name at just about all. The format would be This could be a great way to start off a website before you buy a domain name of your own.

Get an inexpensive or free domain name with website hosting :

Take a look at website hosting that offer cheap or free website name registration if you host by them. Many of those offers are available and can be find by carrying out a simple web search.

Buy domain name for several years :

You can register the cool domain name for several years instead of just the minimum of 1 or 24 months. This would make each year's registration a small cheaper.

Get free domain name parking :

Some web hosts enables you to park a domain name for free on their own server which means your domain name will develop some kind of "under construction" or "coming soon" page when people click it.