How to Transfer a Domain Name From NameCheap

Open a Web browser and navigate to, and enter your user name and password. Then click on the "Log In" button. Your account summary is shown in the Web browser.

Click on the "View" button on the right-hand side of "Number of domains inside your account: " to enter the "Your Domains" Web site.

Click on the domain name you want to transfer from NameCheap (Cheap Domain Transfer). A "Modify Name" Web page opens.

Click "Registrar Lock" in the left-hand column. Information regarding your domain name lock appears in your body of the page.

If the domain name is actually locked, the "Current Lock Status" will read "Locked. inch To unlock it, click the radio button labeled "Release the registrar lock so the domain can be transferred. " Press the button labeled "Save Changes" to complete the unlocking process.

Navigate your Web browser to the domain name registrar you need to transfer the name to. You need to choose the Domain Name Transfer service. The link to this service will often be under "Domains" or "Services. " See "Resources" for a good example of a Domain Name Transfer form.

Enter your website name in the box provided, then hit "Enter. inch

Check the email for your domain name's manager account. The email contains a link that may approve the transfer when clicked on.

Click about the link in the email to approve the website name transfer (Cheap Domain Transfer). You will receive a confirmation email once the transfer has completed.